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    MAG PS3 Escalation Add-On Pack and Patch v2.02a Arrives Today

    Last week we reported on the MAG Escalation expansion patch heading to PlayStation 3, and now Jeremy Dunham has confirmed that the add-on pack and PS3 patch v2.02a will arrive today- November 4, 2010.

    To quote: Our MAG "Escalation" add-on pack has seen a short delay from its original release date of November 2. The good news is that the postponement is a short one and that our new DLC will be available starting tomorrow, November 4.

    As a thank you to our loyal fans, we've activated a "Double XP" bonus of +100% to MAG as a whole, which stacks with other in-game bonuses for quite an XP haul (note: the "Directives" queue will not award extra XP during this period).

    As of yesterday, we've also kept our originally-planned price drop for the first MAG add-on pack, "Interdiction," to $4.99 (US).

    In addition, as some of you may have already discovered through PSN promotional materials, we're also offering a special discount of $7.99 (US) on the "Escalation" DLC pack!

    This promotion will be offered to anyone who previously purchased Interdiction at its original price prior to 12am Pacific Time, October 28, 2010*. The discounted price for previous Interdiction customers will last until November 9.

    Early tomorrow morning, during MAG's regularly-scheduled maintenance period a small downloadable patch, MAG v2.02a, will also be released to enable the Escalation mode for owners of the DLC. You can find the official list of fixes in the "patch alert" notes below.

    Patch v2.02a - Available November 4, 2010 | 13MB (DLS)


    - Enables "Escalation" in-game queue


    - MVP awards at game summary screen no longer take "Happy Hour" bonuses into account when calculating final scores

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