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    Apr 2005

    MAG PS3 Beta v1.22 is Now Live with 36MB Patch Available

    Today the MAG PS3 Beta is now officially in version 1.22, as the newest 36MB patch is now live on the PSN.

    After successfully downloading and installing the 36MB patch, you will also have to download an additional 377.83MB.

    Changes include the following in this update:

    - Remove Infantry Gate from Domination mission primary objective areas
    o We have alternate gate behavior on the way, but wanted to get this in for quick testing
    - Update Domination gametype primary objective score-bleed
    - Lower initial spawn times for attackers and defenders for all gametypes
    - Update Major/Minor victory and loss scoring and conditions for all gametypes
    - Tune Shadow War scoring and win/loss increments
    - Several server stability fixes
    - Download tuning and fixes
    - The user is now able to create a character after deleting a character that is a clan leader

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    roycew59 Guest


    How do you get this game? Is this an invite only beta or can you download it on psn? i havent checked recently...

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    TY2NICE1 Guest
    If it`s a public beta then yes it`s in the store, if not than you will need a beta code.

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    jabberosx Guest
    Its a private Beta.
    1) started with private invites.
    2) opened to Qore annual subscribers
    3) Going live as of today (i think) with Gamstop etc pre order codes.

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