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Thread: MAG to be PlayStation Move Compatible, New PS3 Beta Program

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    MAG to be PlayStation Move Compatible, New PS3 Beta Program

    Today Zipper Interactive's Jeremy Dunham has announced that MAG will soon be compatible with PlayStation Move, and he shared details on a new PS3 Beta program as follows:

    If you're a fan of our massive 256-player first-person shooter, MAG, then today's news should be of great interest to you.

    Truth be told, we have so many tremendous revisions coming to our "ever-changing global war" that it's almost impossible to tell you about everything we have planned in a single article... but we have to begin somewhere, and we're starting with PlayStation Move!

    That's right, later this Autumn MAG will offer full compatibility with the PlayStation Move!

    This added support means that users have another way to experience the most ambitious first-person shooter out there. Pinpoint accuracy and easy access to all of the game's mechanics ensure that players of any type - be they hardened veterans or new recruits - can enjoy a shooting experience unlike any other.

    But PlayStation Move support isn't all we're working on. Because our upcoming content is so important to the game and its future, we want your assistance to make sure we get it right! With that notion in mind we're pleased to announce that, one week from today on August 24, we're inviting existing MAG owners to take part in the all-new MAG Beta program!

    What are you going to play and test, you ask? How about the oft-demanded "Clan Deploy" feature that allows clan leaders to choose any game type and queue up to 128 clan members for matches as a team?

    Sure, that's a great start but we're also bringing in a brand-new Skill tree system that improves how our character customization system works - complete with new skills and new abilities. What's more is that we're introducing an in-game economy system that allows users to earn "Credit Points" by completing objectives, finishing missions, and killing enemies. They can then spend those points to purchase new weapons and gear.

    MAG Beta testers will also have the opportunity to try out our upcoming DLC game-type, "Escalation," well before it becomes available. The most frenetic MAG game mode yet, Escalation offers three brand-new faction-neutral maps with never-before-seen environments that pit a total of 96 players from all three PMCs against each other simultaneously.

    For the first time ever, Raven, Valor and SVER will be on a single map going after the same objectives at the same time. It's complete insanity and a whole lot of fun, and we can't wait for you to try it out. As an added bonus, we're including nine all-new weapons that add even more firepower to your already-sweet arsenal as well.

    That's not all, of course, as we have plenty of other surprises in store for the new MAG Beta program that we haven't mentioned yet - like the beta's ability to support multiple character slots so that players can check out each PMC - but some things are best left for you to discover on your own.

    To participate in the new MAG beta, all you have to do is download the client software from the PlayStation Store when it becomes available next week, insert your MAG disc into the PlayStation 3, sign-in to the beta client and... BOOM! You're good to go. Reminder: You must have the MAG disc in your PS3 in order for the new beta client to work.

    [imglink=|MAG to be PlayStation Move Compatible, New PS3 Beta Program][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MAG to be PlayStation Move Compatible, New PS3 Beta Program][/imglink]
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    This game has the BEST developer support, awsome gameplay and its base on pure teamplay. Great game, zipper keep doing what youre best listening to players.

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