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Thread: MAG PlayStation 3 Pre-order Bonuses: Choose Your PMC

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    MAG PlayStation 3 Pre-order Bonuses: Choose Your PMC

    SCEA Product Marketing Manager Chris Munson has revealed the MAG PS3 pre-order bonuses today on the PlayStation Blog.

    To quote: After our huge showing at PAX, we are happy to follow it up today with our announcement of the pre-order items for MAG.

    From exclusive in-game characters to a one-of-a-kind Home Space to the long-awaited Public Beta access, we've got something for every new MAG operative. Are you ready to be one of us come January 26, 2010? Then get pre-ordering soldier!

    Exclusive S.V.E.R In-Game Character

    This exclusive S.V.E.R. (Seryi Volk Executive Response) Hazard Trooper comes with the unique Hazard Camo Pattern, Hazard Improved Ballistic Vest, and the Hazard Improved Helmet. S.V.E.R. operatives live for the chance to achieve the honor they believe they deserve.

    The Hazard design is ideal for instilling the fear they are so used to administering on the battlefield. "The fire within fuels the true warrior."

    Exclusive RAVEN In-Game Character

    This exclusive Raven Industries operative comes with a unique Spyder Camo Pattern, Spyder Reinforced 2nd Gen Composite, and Spyder Reinforced 2nd Gen Helmet.

    Quoting a recent Raven press release, "Spyder defense materials are designed by Raven Industries top field weapons researchers. Stealthy yet defensive, the Spyder materials increase Raven operatives ability to take control of the battle with superior technology."

    Exclusive VALOR In-Game Character

    This exclusive Valor in-game operative comes with a unique Bulldog Camo Pattern, the Bulldog Mk 2 Reinforced Fiber, and the Bulldog Mk 2 Helmet. For a Valor Company operative, donning the battle tested Bulldog uniform communicates a level of preparedness, induces intimidation in the enemy, and perfectly matches their motto - "Improvise, adapt, and overcome".

    Pre-order info TBD.

    Exclusive S.V.E.R. PlayStation Home Personal Space

    This S.V.E.R. PlayStation Home Space comes custom-made with the unconventional look of this unique PMC, focusing on beige and earth-toned gear, perfect for the guerrilla-style fighter within. If you live by the creed, and feel fear and intimidation are the cornerstones of any good fighting force, then show-off your true colors with a one-of-a-kind space.

    MAG Public Beta Access (10/12/2009 - 11/20/2009)

    If you're not a Qore subscriber, but you're ready to try out the most anticipated new shooter on the market before the game launches, here's your chance to pre-order now and get into the final big Public Beta window that starts 10/12/2009. All of you that pre-order through this method will get an exclusive window of playing time after 11/9... and the Beta window will be open 24/7.

    [imglink=|MAG PlayStation 3 Pre-order Bonuses: Choose Your PMC][/imglink]
    [imglink=|MAG PlayStation 3 Pre-order Bonuses: Choose Your PMC][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Ooh. I just want the Home space.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    This game could steal a lot of COD's thunder. I mean it has all the makings of a much longer epic battle/war. It seems to have more perks, more player commands and leveling up actually means something more than just getting a same old perk and same old weapon. The 10 times larger maps is a super added bonus and cuts down on all the repetitive game play we see in COD. Just a thought though.

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    PSPhunt Guest
    THIS GAME is going to be soo good when it comes out, if im not mistaken 256 players in one map.. and huge mpas.

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    grudge1981 Guest
    oh your not mistaken buddy. There is a 256 player mode Domination, a 128 player mode Acquisition, and Sabotage a 64 player mode. It looks really promising.

    And where do we preorder for this stuff? anywhere or just certain places.

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yeh i will be meeting you on there dudes deffo, it doesn't say just pre order TBD...

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    Valauliver Guest
    I can't wait for this game!!!

    But does this mean I can pre-order it from anywhere and still get these?? So it doesn't matter whether I pre-order it from GAME or

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    livpool Guest
    i pre-ordered from EBGames today.. they didnt say anything about special stuff, beta, characters no nothing.. sooo i hope i do still get it. if i dont well that sucks!

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    shani9099 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by livpool View Post
    i pre-ordered from EBGames today.. they didnt say anything about special stuff, beta, characters no nothing.. sooo i hope i do still get it. if i dont well that sucks!
    if they will be to receive codes they will soon get it.. they should be receiving multiplayer codes atleast 10-15 days before beta starts.. I just got my Uncharted 2 Pre-Order bonus before a week.

    I think I am going to be in Raven.. they have all high tech stuff to play with

    wait.. do we get only one character to choose or we will have all 3 of them
    second option will be great..

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