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    Madden NFL 11 250GB PS3 Bundle Surfaces at Best Buy

    Today Kotaku (linked above) has reported that a new Madden NFL 11 250GB PS3 bundle has surfaced at retailer Best Buy which may interest sports fans.

    Not surprisingly, just a few days ago a Madden NFL 11 PSP bundle was also officially announced by Sony.

    To quote: "If you're finally ready to jump into PlayStation 3 ownership and plan on doing so with a copy of Madden NFL 11, wait for the bundle.

    BB's listing a Madden NFL 11 250GB PS3 bundle with the same street date as the main game, Aug. 10. Right now, it's listed in a dead category in Best Buy's database.

    That's typically done to mask a product from searches before it's been officially announced the tipster says."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    despite the crappy graphics, i like the older madden games on ps3 compared to the newer ones on ps4. The older ones almost seem to provide a more realistic experience and you dont throw interceptions on every play

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