SCEE Community Lead Alex Weekes has posted the European PlayStation Home update, which includes additions from LocoRoco, Bioshock and Dead Space among others.

To quote: This week sees the arrival of the all new, and very colourful, LittleBigPlanet PlayGround space in PlayStation Home.

In true LittleBigPlanet fashion, this space offers plenty to play, create and share. Start with making a fashion statement with the range of LittleBigPlanet virtual clothing available in the Space, then take part in the King's "Snap Happy" Photo Challenge.

Find the target, get the perfect shot, and you can win some great virtual rewards. It doesn't stop there: team up with your friends to create your own wallpapers for the PS3 XMB with the Creator mini-game!

And there's more to come! In a few weeks you will be able to release your competitive side and show off your sharp-shooting skills in the LittleBigDerby. Check out the trailer below:

[viddler id=b6f7e327&w=545&h=349]

Finally, no LittleBigPlanet experience would be complete without the iconic Pod... which is why you'll find the LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse in Estates this week!

Crafted from the finest cardboard, this personal space can be rotated to get the best out-of-this-world view! But not only that, the Pod also includes your own personal Creator mini-game and comes complete with a special prize on entry. This truly is the perfect place to express your creative flair.

Away from LittleBigPlanet, we have a range of new clothing, costumes and other items. Starting with the latest batch of LucasArts releases, this week sees new Star Wars costumes and items arrive. This week features an extensive range of The Force Unleashed content, starting with a pair of Felucian Potted Plants (Mushrooms and Tripod).

Add to your lightsaber collection with the Blue Lightsaber, then decorate your personal space with the Jedi Banner, The Force Unleashed Poster, and an Interactive Yoda Fountain. Three new costumes will also be available: the Apprentice Costume (Hair and bundle to follow soon), Dark Lord's Armor, and finally Juno Eclipse's Uniform, Hair, and Gloves (bundle to follow soon).

Next up are the Dead Space 2 Miner costumes, available for both male and female. Complete from head to toe, these protective suits will keep you safe as you roam through Home. The LocoRoco stores update again this week. Two new hats, a pair of glasses and a pair of earrings will all be available. Finally, for those looking to deck their avatar out in a new shirt there is a range of new Bioshock t-shirts released this week.

[imglink=|LocoRoco, Bioshock and Dead Space Invade PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|LocoRoco, Bioshock and Dead Space Invade PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|LocoRoco, Bioshock and Dead Space Invade PlayStation Home][/imglink]
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