SCEA's Product Marketing Specialist Mick Perona has shared this week's LittleBigPlanet PS3 downloadable content (DLC) update today.

To quote: Here's what's going on with LittleBigPlanet.

New This Week

St. Patrick's Day Costume for LBP PS3 (FREE) - Celebrate St. Patty's Day in your favorite LittleBigPlanet levels with this FREE costume!

In Case You Missed It

Canyons Costume for LBP PSP (FREE) - Get a sneak peek of what's in the Canyons Theme Pack with this FREE Canyons costume!

Canyons Theme Pack for LBP PSP ($2.99) - Download a new set of goodies to create your own Canyons themed levels. The Canyons Theme Pack includes 2 Costumes, 19 CREATE Materials, 15 Stickers, 1 Music Kit, and 1 Background.

What's New?

A heartfelt welcome to all the folks over at Media Molecule as they join us as part of SCE's global development operation, SCE Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS).

Ever Wonder "who's who" over at Media Molecule? Allow us to introduce our new family members!

Workshop of the Week

At, it's time to get in on the fun for their March contest, and this time up it's a sports theme! Have at it, SackPeeps!

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