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    LittleBigPlanet story of new originality

    When a studio start to make a video game in the 80's they didn't face any complication; because choosing a new idea was easy due to every idea at that time was an original ...

    ideas like "Mario" a character that can prove for anyone that a video game series can't be killed by the producer if he know how to create new ideas for it...

    The same thing come to our mind when you think about MGS series where "Snake" represent a solider that does not care about anything for the sake of his mission, the always new story & the new technology makes the games fresh to its fans. The list goes on & on and if we need examples for the topic of originality we will need Documentary to talk about them all.

    This time sure will not last forever & sure the lack of originality time will come - that's if not already come -, a time where all producers seeking the customer's bucket, a time need a savior to save this great industry from the falling in the trap of the boredom!

    In times like this we need a new ideas, a new games & a new original ones, & fortunately it is there in the horizon; a game that will make you laugh at the first sight ... a game will make every developer before gamers think about sharing ideas...
    The game is "Little Big Planet" & its created studio is "Media Molecule"...

    It is a very simple game that gives the capability to create a fantasy from nothing... the game concept is "Play, Create, Share" where every player can prove himself with an open world of unlimited ideas.

    From looking at the first videos of the game every player will find something that will make him "think, play, challenge & create" ... thinking about what the people at MM doing right now is something original where it's look like "teacher & student where the teacher shows the student an airplane and make him think about how easy to make one... where if the student think logically it's a hard thing to do but the way of presentation made everything easy"...

    This is what I think people in MM doing by given the players list of levels ready to play then after enjoying it you will have a blank space where you can put anything you want from a tree & car to Monsters & flames ... you will be even able to share it with friends by playing the level together & they can play it alone then leaving you comment to improve something...

    The game become more interesting when you have an atmosphere of cartoony character that can become unique between every player and playing in a "full HD" world where you will see a lot of enjoyable things that will make you loves the game every time you play it...
    This is the beauty of originality where making something for the first time is a Victory for the creator...

    Watching the ideas people at MM thinking about never end with the idea of letting other developer enjoy the game like other players & create levels that look like the games that they love & create with sample tools...

    This will make you someday join someone in a level created by developers like "David Jaffe" make levels that look God of War destruction universe or a designer like "Fumito Ueda" design a level will make as all remember the great ICO...

    What did sites said about the game...

    Finally, I hope developers take the path that MM choose & create original games that "really" we can enjoy playing them instead of repeating sequel...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Nov 2007
    This game actually looks good. Yeah i suppose because of how the game play is, this game is so much different than other games. I'm just curious if they will have on-line multiplayer and if they do, what the online will be like.

    Looking forward to this game when it comes out.

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    Jul 2006
    I sure hope it has online multiplayer. The trailers that ive seen in the past have that local multiplayer, and i imagine if they do online (which they most definitely should and quite probably will) this will no doubt be the format that it appears in.

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    Nov 2007
    Well yeah I hope it has online multi player too. I'm just interested how it will be like. Will friends get together and do little missions or what?

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