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Thread: LittleBigPlanet PS3 Update 1.21 Leerdammer Hits on November 30

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    LittleBigPlanet PS3 Update 1.21 Leerdammer Hits on November 30

    Update: The LittleBigPlanet 1.21 Leerdammer update is now live!

    On November 30th, LittleBigPlanet will get it's biggest PS3 game update EVER.. for FREE!

    Packed full of great new functionality and improvements, update 1.21 also known as Leerdammer, contains new features such as Online Create, increased profile space, improved networking, and better saving functionality.

    To quote: Leerdammer - A creamy white cheese with a sweet and somewhat nutty flavour that becomes more pronounced with age.

    Online Create

    Now you can create with up to three other players online across the internet, across the world!

    Networking fixes & location-based matchmaking

    We've rewritten both the way the game handles networking code and the way it finds people for you to play with when you hit 'Play Online'. Now, it searches for people who are closer to you and more likely to have a lower ping. This should bring significant improvements to lag and other networking problems.

    The POD Computer will first try to match based on location, if this fails it will fall back to matching with any location.

    Save game rewrite

    We've changed the way your saved games work to make it faster, more flexible and more robust. It also means you'll be able to save way more stuff.

    On a PS3, there are two places games store data - the Game Data folder and the Save Data folder. Previously your automatic save would be stored in the Save Data folder. We've changed it so that your save is now stored in the Game Data folder.

    Of course this won't affect most people, but if you do find yourself rummaging in these folders then beware! If you want to back up your data, or move it to another PS3, you will need to use the following new tools:

    Profile Backup

    The save game backup options can be found in the Profile Settings page of the Start Menu:

    - Backup Profile - This will create a back-up copy of your profile, progress, and your levels into a folder in the Save Data Utility. It is also handy if you want to copy your profile to another PS3.
    - Import Profile - Lets you import / restore a previous back-up from the Save Data Utility.

    Level Backup

    You can now backup individual levels! On your moon, select a level and press the Square Button to bring up the options. There will be a new option under the publish menu:

    - Backup - This will create a back-up copy of your level, which will appear as an individual file in the Save Data Utility. It is also handy if you want to copy your level to another PS3.

    Doing the same thing to an empty level will give you another new option:

    - Import - This lets you import any level you have copied to the Save Data Utility to the selected crater on your moon.

    Increased profile space

    On top of the extra space you get from the save game re-write, we've also doubled the number of photos and costumes that you can save to Popit.

    Other awesome Features:

    - If you play a level but do not complete it, a silver Sackboy medal will be displayed on the badge, to get a gold medal you must complete the level.
    - We made the LittleBigStore a bit easier to navigate and also to download things after purchase.
    - There is now an option to 'Auto-Reject' invitations from other players. The option is in 'Profile Settings'. If you have this set to 'On, no one will be able to join you unless you choose to 'Play Online'. This setting is not saved to your profile and needs to be set every time you play.
    - Sticker switches have been made more noticeable and give better feedback to the player when attempting to place stickers on them.
    - Checkpoints can now be activated using switches.
    - Race Gates can be made thin again!
    - You can now use the Sticker and Decoration tool and turn Sackboy around while in Customisation mode.
    - Added the QWERTY keyboard layout to the text chat menu.
    - Play, Create, Share scores have been removed - we thought these scores were a good idea but they never worked in the way we wanted them to. They may return one day. Maybe.
    - If you collect a key whilst playing a community level, you will now see the level unlocking for you once the level you are playing has been completed. You can also search for linked levels in the search menu.
    - Pressing L2 and R2 while browsing community levels can now show you the name or the author of each level on the earth as well as the Heart Count and Rating.

    [imglink=|LittleBigPlanet PS3 Update 1.21 Leerdammer Hits on November 30][/imglink]
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    kratosjohn Guest


    Import Profile - Lets you import / restore a previous back-up from the Save Data Utility.
    Hmmm... quite possible we might be able to mod our sackboy?

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    mrgreaper Guest
    Am i the only one that doesn't see anything amazing in this patch, when i saw the title i was thinking "yes they have finaly added the water!" but no this is just a bunch of bug fixes and changes to the save files

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    kratosjohn Guest
    Yeah, I was looking forward to the realistic water but this is fine, like I said maybe we can mod our dude?

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    Pretikewl Guest
    I agree it's nothing ground breaking, but the network selection does sound like it's going to get better.

    As it stands, I never want to play with random people online because they usually lag so bad the levels are unplayable. So that's one update I'm looking forward to (i just hope it actually works like they say).

    Boo! no water yet...

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