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Thread: LittleBigPlanet PS3 Contraption Creation Challenge Begins

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    LittleBigPlanet PS3 Contraption Creation Challenge Begins

    SCEE's MusterBuster has announced news today of a LittleBigPlanet PS3 Contraption Challenge on the European PlayStation Blog, as follows:

    I'm MusterBuster and, although you can usually find me arranging fantastical community events and bantering with gamers over at the Official PlayStation Community forums, I've come here to stomp on Jem's territory and tell you all about a very, very special community event.

    We call it the LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge and the concept is stupendously simple. Each month, our resident LBP creation expert Nuclearfish sets the PlayStation Community a challenge. All you have to do is create a contraption in LittleBigPlanet which is capable of completing that challenge... with style!

    This month marks our 9th Contraption Challenge and we're asking you to create a gap-crossing vehicle! To find out more and get involved, all you need to do is take a trip down to the Official PlayStation Community forums by clicking right here.

    If you're not convinced, or just want to have a ganders at some of the stuff our community has already created for the challenges, check out some of the links below.

    That's all from me for now! I'll be back soon with more on our community events.

    [imglink=|LittleBigPlanet PS3 Contraption Creation Challenge Begins][/imglink]
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    Personally i think this is a great idea, as i LOVE Little Big Planet. i wanted to know if there was any specifications to the Contraption?

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