SCE Community Team Leader MusterBuster has revealed the latest LittleBigPlanet PS3 Contraption Challenge 10 today, which focuses on building an Amphibious Vehicle.

To quote: PlayStation Community! Contraption Challenge number 10 is here! And for all the sack in Sacksville - you do not want to miss this one...

Contraption Challenge 10 asks you to build an amphibious vehicle, that's a vehicle that can cross both land and sea to you and me, and as always we ask you to do it with style.

The more creative, original and functional your contraption is, the greater your chances of winning. Need inspiration?

Just check out our LBP Contraption Challenge YouTube Channel to see all the entries from past challenges - or start LittleBigPlanet on your PS3 and search for 'CC10 - Example' to see a basic entry our event creator Nuclearfish.

Wanna take part? All you need to do is sail over to the Official PlayStation Community forums and give our LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge 10 thread a read.

Oh! I should really mention, the winning contraption will win a downloadable copy of LittleBigPlanet PSP and a PSPgo to play it on! Sweet huh? But hurry, you only have until Sunday 28th February to build and submit your contraption. Be sure to read the Contraption Challenge thread very carefully for instructions on how to enter.

If you want to follow the Contraption Challenges more closely, you can find us on twitter, youtube and iTunes!

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