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Thread: Little Big Planet

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    Trophix Guest

    Little Big Planet

    Has anyone seen the preview for that game and know when its coming out?

    Has anyone played little big planet or am i the only one on this forum?

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    bobtheduck Guest
    You PLAYED LBP? Were you at E3 or something?

    I played MGS4 at E4all, so it IS fun to gloat about doing something most people haven't that want to...

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    lol LBP is not out until september.

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    khile Guest
    LBP looks like a fun game, will it be released on disc or is it a Playstation store game? im thinking the latter..

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    wicked insanity Guest
    LBP is to be released on disc according to Media Molecule

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    blinkman89 Guest
    i cant wait for lbp. does anyone know how many players the game can support?

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    Shadowstitch Guest
    does this game even have a point? i mean it looks cool, but is it just gonna be like building stuff or is there gonna be a story mode?

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    B3yondGamer Guest
    There shouldn't be a story mode. As far as I know there will be a retail disc copy to purchase. I kinda know from working at a little known game store. You basically create platform levels and share your creations online with strangers or friends to play through. It looks pretty fun and apparently will be updated with new features often.

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    MadMax Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by blinkman89 View Post
    i cant wait for lbp. does anyone know how many players the game can support?
    Probably 4 players... I watched trailer it looks really fun game, i should get this game.

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    wicked insanity Guest
    A story mode could be possible, it wouldn't be too outrageous. Where you progress through the levels to save someone or something and have to kill bosses and solve puzzels etc. But, I think the main part would be in the creation and sharing of user created content.

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