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    Yeah the game is coming out in September. I checked IGN's website to see their everchanging release date list. As a casual gamer we have come to depend on storylines haven't we? I like the idea of being able to do what you want, but am anxious to see what sort of open play is available.

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    i seen the demo video, cant remember where, it looks really cool but it looks kinda confusing so many options there gonna be a tutorial mode on this game?

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    Look to me like it would tie in very nicely with HOME, what with the use of customisation and pushing user generated content. I think it'll be more of a puzzle game, rather than one with a proper story to it. It looks very nice visually, though I'll guess we'll see how enjoyable it turns out to be.

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    I really want to play this game. You can get the game video demo on your PS3 Store or u can get it in gamespot or ign. I like this idea of a video game. 4 player co-op game. Doing puzzles in order to move ahead. I'll get this game till it is out.

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