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Thread: LionsGate: Piracy a major deciding factor for Blu-ray support

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    LionsGate: Piracy a major deciding factor for Blu-ray support

    At CES on Monday, a journalist got to speak to the head honcho of LionsGate and decided to ask him what made the company favor Blu-ray. He was expecting an example such as they thought it was the superior format, but he surprised him by saying that Blu-ray has tighter piracy controls.

    The main man chose piracy as his first line of reasoning which made the journalist a little angered in an industry where high flyer's are totally insulated from the real world.

    To quote: And while Beeks seemed like he had solid command over the finer points of the movie industry, I was interested to see why his studio chose Blu-ray over the alternative.

    Expecting the canned answer like, "Well, we thought it was the superior format and I'm happy to say that we were right," you could imagine my surprise when the very first reason he gave was Blu-ray's piracy controls.

    For those of you who don't know, Blu-ray's piracy controls--largely based on AACS, BD+, and BD-ROM Mark--are easily the most stringent format to date and have only partially been circumvented to this point.

    Regardless, I was utterly appalled at the thought that with all of its benefits--high-capacity, interesting new features to employ while playing movies, major industry backing--Beeks chose piracy as the first talking point.

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    i almost bet all companies think the same way, piracy will never go away, but if someone has more steps and make it even harder that is what companies go for. A lot of people, including myself, say different reasons why people pirate movies and music. But if you were an artist,a director, actor or whatever i bet all of us would do anything we can to get people to stop pirating out stuff.

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