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    Quote Originally Posted by Radiskull View Post
    To quote from the following:
    I can't seem to find this in the forum, but after dumping the game to the PS3, how does one play the game? I mean, it's stored on the Linux partition, right? How can the PS3 partition see it?



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    You can't yet... if you could, then there would be a huge thread on it, etc. At this time all you can do is dump the images to examine them.

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    can u use fedora core 6 on ps3? is it the same install?

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    I would like to install linux on my ps3 but i've read that I need a hdtv to do it. All I have is a regular tv (hdtv should be here next week). If also read that the display settings can be changed after the install. If I try to install it on a regular tv will I not be able to see whats going on? I'm a bit confused on this whole hdtv thing as it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freshprince View Post
    After the successful installation, how do you go about copying images of ps3 games and dumping on the hard drive so that they will be playable without the disk? :??
    Dumping, yes. Playable, NO. Research, Do it before posting a new thread. Guide, Here: http://ps3.ps4news.com/#3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desi View Post
    Dumping, yes. Playable, NO. Research, Do it before posting a new thread. Guide, Here: http://ps3.ps4news.com/#3
    I've been looking around this area for the past week or so and was curious...

    What is the purpose of backing up our games if we are not able to play the backups??

    I just ordered a 500GB WD External HD, a LG DVD Rom Drive (for my Wii), a LG DVD BURNER, and a 100ft Cat-5 Cable (for my PS3). So that I could back up my ~10 games for my PS3 and ~8 games for my Wii...

    I have the .ISO's ready for FC5 and addon cd for linux.. As well as the other files that I assumed I would need for this.

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    The purpose is to examine the game file structures and to document which version Firmware is required for each PS3 title so that it can be added to http://nfo.ps4news.com. For those not interested in doing either, the purpose is basically just to 'collect' them for a later date.

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    mounting /dev/sr0 on /mnt/tng/mnt/source failed
    Fedora Core install DVD mount failed

    ^ either that or

    Not Fedora Core install DVD

    that's what I get when I try this, any reason why?

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    Post YDL

    Yellow Dog Linux is based on Fedora and comes with MythTV it makes and interesting alternative. The latest version 6.1 intalls without any issues


    I have recently installed KuBuntu 8.10 on my PS3 and have started adding LinuxMCE The Biggest issue was converting from Little Endian to Big Endian as the majority of the code is for I386. The Reason for doing this is to add the Home Automation portion on the PS3.

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    i cant find the download for the image.


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