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    Registered User pspps3's Avatar
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    Am I right? currently there is no game loader for the ps3 iso out there?

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    Correct- there is no current PS3 iSO Loader yet. However, the first step is really to start burning some of these images to Blu-ray recordable media and try "Hot-Swapping" with the PS3 disassembled. If they don't even allow the game to continue running when Hot-Swapped with an original disc of the same title, then chances are it'll be an uphill battle unless an exploit or something similar is discovered.

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    This is some great information.

    Hopefully, someone will figure out how to run OS X on the PS3, which would be pretty bad ass.

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    Results should be pretty slow with Mac OS seeing like Windows XP is slow as hell. Both OS's would be sucking the hell out of the PS3 memory.

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    So all we doing is just copying the ISOs and that it??

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    It sucks that the Other OS can only use 256MB of PS3 memory. Someday we'll probably be able to change that if the PS3 truly does function like a computer.

    However, if OS X is running on its own without linux, then it might operate smoother than if it were emulated on linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamonDash30 View Post
    So all we doing is just copying the ISOs and that it??
    Yes, just burn the Fedora Core 5 .iso to DVD via ImgBurn or DVD Decrypter, and burn the AddOn .iso to CD via Alcohol120%. then follow the install directions I posted earlier.

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    can anyone give me a link to CELL-Linux-CL_20061110-ADDON.iso. havent The link on the front page is busted. thanks

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    An updated version (newer date) is available here if it helps: http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/p...1208-ADDON.iso

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    i have finished installing fedora core but now it is asking for new unix pw. what do i do at this point?


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