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Thread: Linux - Data Streaming

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    Gunner54 Guest

    Linux - Data Streaming

    I dont have a External HDD but i would like to transfer a BIG file directly over my network via Linux onto my PC. Any ideas? i have one. I could program a php script that i can access via FireFox and then upload to my PC server, BUT would that be painfuly slow? im re-installing Linux at this moment in time so i cant test =(

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    enigma26nl Guest
    you might want to use FTP ?
    set up a FTP server (lite ftp) on ur windows box, use gFTP on YDL (or any other FTP on any other distro) to connect to it, and wait for about ten minutes to complete the transfer.

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    Gunner54 Guest
    if you didnt know i released a tutorial after finding out this 2-3 days ago. gFTP doesnt work. Just use the ftp commands in linux

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    cnova Guest
    Another option, Use pscp.exe

    in Windows to make a scp to Linux and copy all files you like. Simplest than setup a ftp server.

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