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    yiyo235 Guest

    Which linux is best to use on PS3?


    I would like to install Linux on my PS3. Which Linux currently out will bet be suited to run on the PS3? Red Hat or YDL? Is there other Linux that may suit better?

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    Voider Guest
    Fedora seems popular and designed for the task..

    I'm no expert though, just getting to grips with it myself. Installed nice and easy.

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    StevePPD Guest
    I didnt think there was a Red Hat yet. I thought it was YDL, Uubuntu, Gentoo, and Fedora.

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    king pozitron Guest
    between Fedora and Yellowdog , which that work better and have more usefull program !?

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    darkmetal Guest
    What about ubuntu that seem really good .. What is the difference in Yellow dog, Fedora?

  6. #6
    Jogyman Guest
    They are based on the same. There is one rls for PS3 and its YDL who have maked it Search for it on Google!!

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    BH0FF Guest
    YDL 5.0.2 it was basically made for teh PS3 so I would say that's the best.

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    PeiXePT Guest
    Yep theres an alliance between $ony and Terra$oft = YDL 5.0.2 for PPC (PS3 specifically).
    I have FC7 with SDK3 for development (x86) and im waiting for YDL 6.0 to install on PS3 (next month maybe?).

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    RyLoS2000 Guest
    I've tried both Ubuntu (best for desktop pcs, imo) and YDL.
    For PS3, i think it is better YDL.

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    marcob73 Guest
    I tested both YDL and Ubuntu. Right now I'm using Ubuntu release 7.10 and it can automatically bring-up and set-up the wi-fi connection during the installation process.

    I just experienced some troubles with video configuration until I replaced the original video drivers with the "rsx" version but the issue seems to be more TV dependent... (I have an LG - LCD with HDMI).

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