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    Apr 2005

    Life With PlayStation Update 1.1 and Details Now Available

    Today caliblue15 has posted (linked above) that Life with PlayStation Update 1.1 is now available, along with details as follows:

    Just turned on my Life with PlayStation, and look what I found, Update 1.1.

    Life with PlayStation Update 1.1 Changes:

    - Added support for adding and removing channels dynamically
    - Added a local time display in the LIVE CHANNEL.
    - Updated Mood categories for auomatic music selection.
    - Added support to enable [email protected] Expert Mode which disables all other channels and features that may impact simulation performance.
    - [email protected] Expert Mode can be activated by navigating to:
    Options Menu > [Configuration] > [[email protected]].
    - Expert Mode - [email protected]? is the only channel enabled. All application processing power is used exclusively for [email protected]? and no other channels can be browsed. Note: While in this mode, channel updates are also disabled.
    - New Channel - United Village - United Village is a project designed to provide an experience of sharing a sense of community and culture from locations around the world. With each update, we will feature a visual series of moments and aspects of life from various locations. The United Village channel is provided by Frontier International, Inc.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    SurfDrifter Guest

    Lightbulb Just imagine...

    Just imagine how many more people would use this app, if they released Life With Playstation with trophy support.

    Bronze - Good Samaritan - Spend 8 hours in Life With Playstation
    Silver - Noble Man - Spend 48 hours in Life With Playstation
    Gold - Life Savior - Spend 1 week in Life With Playstation


    Bronze - Visit all News Hotspots


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    Yoko23 Guest
    48 Hours.. thats Sick ^^

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    Russky Guest
    @ SurfDrifter ... you're so damn right ... outside are a lot of "trophy-hunters" waiting and couching for such kind of trophys

    @Yoko23 ... yeah it is, but a realy easy one ... sleep time -> start LWP

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    sorceror Guest
    What kind of "channels" can be added? Does that mean specific cities can be added to the map, or what?

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    CyanCaze Guest
    It's okay.... I'm still mad that there are only major city's in it and none from Ohio, the closest place to me is Toronto and they have stupid Canadian news like "Hockey is the best sport ever specialists say..." It's so freaking stupid.

    Anyway add a few more city's Sony!

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    Starlight Guest
    It's not bad is it, i am from canada and sure we love hockey but there are other good things as well, as i know usa has their problems also.

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    SurfDrifter Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Russky View Post
    @ SurfDrifter ... you're so damn right ... outside are a lot of "trophy-hunters" waiting and couching for such kind of trophys

    @Yoko23 ... yeah it is, but a realy easy one ... sleep time -> start LWP
    I can admit that I'm one of them! In the end, it's the cause that justify the means. All of them would be happy!

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