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    Life with PlayStation is on its way

    Noam Rimon, Sr. Development Manager SCEA R&D has revealed that the team is just pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation so we all should just hold on tight for a bit longer.

    He confirmed it will be a free service which can be accessed directly from the XMB. And for those who didn't know already: Life with PlayStation will feed live content to your PS3 with updates on news and weather on a visually stunning and interactive global map.

    To quote: Ive got some good news and some okay news. Well start with the okay part. Were still pushing some paperwork on Life with PlayStation - so hold tight just a bit longer.

    Now on to the good news, the Life with PlayStation application is looking great and to quench some of the curiosity around what its all about, heres what I can share today.

    Were going to offer this as a free service that will be easily accessible directly from the XMB. Life with PlayStation will feed live content to your PS3 with updates on news and weather on a visually stunning and interactive global map. Imagine being able to wake up to your PS3 to see if you need to pack an umbrella for the day. Or just relax as you listen to your favorite tunes while reading up on top news from around the world. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    This is an opinion: Another Useless application, everywhere we get that, even the underpowered wii has a news and weather channel, please stop selling us little shinning mirrors.

    Two things need to be fixed/updated:

    1.- Online play, fix it, update your games constantly make it easy for the developer to release updates whenever THEY want not you sony. Fix your online play give us features where they count online we dont want weather we want chat rooms, downloadable content(more), trophys need more work(really far behind achievements they really made a lot of good to many 360 games), more titles you have a huge collection for ps1 and ps2, I will be willing to pay for a lot of your games, that i cant find anywhere else now, only used and I hate buying used copys, try finding a silent hill 3 copy thats new and at good price or some others. Whats the matter sony? you really are losing money if you where to win even a dollar for each ps1 game its a lot of money you are losing and you know it.

    2.- Use your technology, you have a great machine and yet it doesnt deliver what it could, please develop a good wireless headset, make librarys to make all games work with keyboard and mouse or controller so the developer doesnt need to work that much on that one. Imagine having mouse and keyboard for COD4, the orange box, HAZE and other FPS or civilization 3, imagine for a moment that, you could have that and a small 20 inch tv and use it like a computer but a computer that only works with games, wow. Work with your media center issues, network sharing and streaming its what we want not the shitty sharing method we have that requires us to buy software that doesnt work for every system(OS X its horrible the options we've got)

    Theres a lot of stuff where Sony can improve a lot, games are coming slowly but steady, Im pretty much confortable with what we have its a great library for such a "short" time, but if we've got a full featured PC(with another architecture, but something comparable to a PC) lets use its features, make things easier for developers make compatibility, make updates to our games, make them GREAT so we are drolling over to buy more and more games. Really work on what you have right now, why do I want news or weather on my ps3 I have them everywhere its like adding a CLOCK to a backpack why would we want one if we all carry cel phones and ipods, stop doing the obvios work on you GREAT MACHINE.

    I really love what we have but I know it could be better, way better in a lot of aspects.

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    klok9 Guest

    Exclamation WRONG adrianc1982!!!

    Hey adrianc1982, I know Its an "Opinion" ... But that opinion is so wrong ...

    1. You said Online needs Fixing... I totally desagree. Why ? Because Unlike The Xbox 360 The PSN offers Free Online Gaming... which its Great because i play COD4 All day All Night. I have no complaints... but if you rather Pay for online experience then (Sucks to be You)... And Swich To Crap 360.

    2. Use your technology... I guess you're not in 2008. PS3 Has shown A great Improvement this year... And the capabilities of the Ps3 Its being revealed little by little... For example ... HOME ... its FREE OF CHARGE. And from beta test and comments I've heard and seen Home its going to be a really cool feature that other consoles are not capable of. There is one thing I agree which is making games compartible with keyboard and mouse, but then again ... they dont have it so just go get a gaming computer or something.

    And lastly...

    3. If you didnt realize this by now ... Life with playstaion is FREE OF CHARGE ... Sony is just being nice to us and adding this new feature to the PS ... So why dont you go on and start reading on the net How Sony is pretty much given us a lot of things for free .. then you think of other consoles and start adding all it needs for it to try and compete against the PS3.

    My First POST EVER ... and I've got to suggest you something.. My suggestion is learn before you post ... all I've said its true you could read around ... not trying to start an argument, its just that this is now my opinion (and its all true).

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by klok9 View Post
    Hey adrianc1982, I know Its an "Opinion" ... But that opinion is so wrong ...
    Its nice to have someone to discuss our opinions and points and now it my turn.

    1.- When i talk about fixing online play I totally agree IT HAS GREAT ADVANTAGES and I love them, I know the ps3 has some great features and thats why I sold my 360 for a ps3. Im okay with what we have right now, I just see a lot of room to improve in a lot of areas. I want you to understand that yes we are doing really really good, and we are "catching up" but really dont you think we could be number 1 online service? Come one its not so hard, but sony needs to work. Maybe my first post sounded a bit hard on sony but check my other posts where I say the experience sony is delivering is unreal

    2.- I know the tecnology is doing great, even UNREAL Tournament has mouse and keyboard support, I know home is coming, and hey like my previous point Sony is doing lots of impressive things to make the ps3 the console that you have hooked up to your tv. But again, we really have a lot of room to improve, the machine is a SUPER COMPUTER and its not fair a lot of people are using the ps3 only to watch bluray movies, come on... And people are doing this because the games that are released multiplatform are the same as the 360 versions, and we can do better than MS because their machine is getting old FAST. But Their online play plus their game library are making the 360 the gaming console and the ps3 the bluray movie and ocasionally the exclusive ps3 games which we only have a couple out there.

    3.- I know everything is FREE and thats why Im on sonys boat and I think MS at some point will make their live service free or at least the weekends because sony is pushing really hard, but really I would rather prefer sony working on the areas that need work rather than working on news and weather.

    Im pretty well informed on the gaming industry as I love this hobby and have been around since the atari and nes eras so this is an informed opinion I believe.

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    klok9 Guest

    Thumbs Up misinterpret your post ....

    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    Its nice to have someone to discuss our opinions and points and now it my turn.
    Hey Man ... I was Wrong about you. Sorry i misunderstood you... But now with this post I know what u mean ... Lol .. So yeah man .. all your saying its true. But you'll see ... Sony is catching up easely and the best thing u did was selling the 360 for the ps3 .... since now that the ps3 has so much to offer, the 360 in time would not even be a competitor.

    And yeah this is a great hobby isnt it ...

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    Stonergig Guest
    Well you have seemed to say sony needs to lift there game on the online experience but you havent really said how?? Personally i think its great and im impressed everytime they add a new feature, i paid my $1000 on release date for the features it had back then, look at them now, there are heaps more and more to come. I think sony are working as hard as they come. Lets say they had 1000 developers working a 40hr week. Do you think they should double that and then go ah shit time to jack up the price to compensate the share holders? As i highly doubt there development team is slacking off, thats what management is for and im sure they have a very tight management team.

    I say be happy with the console. If you have serious request like Sony Music store transferable to mp3 player or something like that then make youyr voice heard but dont just say they need to lift there game and be done with it.

    And i think we all know its not sony's fault the full potential of hardware hasnt been reached. Im sure sony would love 3rd party developers to work dreams on there machine, but with time usually comes knowledge. RFOM vs Drakes Fortune is a good improvement. And those leaps and bounds are going to continue to happen (just as how ps1 - ps2 - and even xbox games all improved through there cycles)

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Stonergig View Post
    Well you have seemed to say sony needs to lift there game on the online experience but you havent really said how?
    stoner, I did mention how to make better online play. For instance keep the games updated, let the developers work on their games without the paper work, make it easier for the comunity to help developers how? I dont know because Im no programmer, but let the comunity participate like they plan to do it with little big planet.

    Updates to the games is what will make sony even better, and like I did mention in my previous posts Im happy I just want and day dream about these features. But Im with you they are getting there and its been a great ride and still have a lot left, Im quite happy really.

    It was just an opinion that well I didnt like a weather app instead of other areas being developed. But its just an opinion keep that in mind.

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    klok9 Guest
    Hey, Stonergig....

    All I could Possibly Say about your post is that you're 100% right man.

    Thats All 100% true ... For example look at home .. is about to be released and all of this is for free .... Think of Xbox 360... they would charge a fortune for developing something like that on the other hand Sony Is just givin it to us ....

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