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Thread: Library of Congress Rejects Exemption, Rules JailBreaking PS3 Illegal

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    vallejo18 Guest
    BluRay go to this site ( look at each and every country from 2006 and compare it to the USA... It is pointless to make this law in USA as I have stated before. And for you to argue that piracy is not about Pricing, when it is CLEARLY the reason except that 2% of people who does it "for the heck of it".

    You are also correct about the DLC issue and I do agree with you completely. Lowering prices does in fact brings sales up, example back to the broke,middle, and rich.

    (lets use small numbers) (total population of gamers is 10)

    People who are broke: 6, Rich: 1 , Middle: 3
    (this is current economy in the USA)

    New and used games of this time:
    New: $60 - $100
    Used: $20 - $30

    Likelihood of people buying NEW games:
    Rich and middle class (very small): formula = (2 + 1.3) = 3.3 population
    (1 + 1.3) $60 = $138 profit
    (1 + 1.3) $100 = $230 profit

    Likelihood of people buying USED games:
    Rich, Middle, and Broke (slightly more and few on different prices):
    (1 + 3 + 2.5) $20 = $130 - Gamestop takes about half of this
    (1 + 3 + 1.7) $30 = $171 - Gamestop takes about half of this

    New Price changes:
    New: $20 - $30
    Used: $10 - $20

    Likelihood of people buying NEW games:
    Rich, middle, broke: formula = (1 + 3 + 6) = 10 population
    (1 + 3 + 6) $20 = $200
    (1 + 3 + 6) $30 = $300

    Likelihood of people buying USED games:
    (1 + 3 + 6) $10 = $100 - Gamestop takes about half of this
    (1 + 3 + 6) $20 (if games were previously $30) = $200 - Gamestop takes about half of this
    *used games wouldn't even need to exist really.

    Summary: When people are more in want of it, more money will come... Now if everybody was as rich or if the middle class population was more, then yes prices would be fair, But in this economy in the US, that is greed.

    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Frankly, most of the "protection" arguments are just blah blah blah ... How come nobody is concern about PCs / MACs being fully opened (e.g. NOT "protected")? How come the developers are still making games for such platforms, eh?

    Also - it's true about most of the developers / producers RIPPING off the gamers. How many times you see new games now being followed very shortly after or even upon release with the suit of ovepriced DLCs? ... What a shame
    Overpriced DLC is bogus, I do agree. The PC/MAC protection is also understandable, anyone can burn a disc to a CD/DVD(s) and resell, Anything made for the PC/MAC can be played on a PC/MAC whether it was the original disc or not. AS for Price being relatively the same as the console version is rather stupid because of the Limited Machine it requires to run on. It falls back to my argument on rich, middle, poor.

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    BluRay Guest
    vallejo, your argument assumed that If CoD Black Ops was sold for $20 instead of $60, It would have sold at least 3 times more, selling at least 75 million copies. It just doesn't work like that, sales would go higher by 20% tops, as most people actually don't give a damn about price and just buy It anyway.

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    vallejo18 Guest
    Actually, thats for XBOX users... which varies in any country... they sell more in Europe.

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    dovez0 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    Move to canada. They have free healthcare.
    we have free healthcare & free prescriptions here in Scotland lol

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest


    My country allows all kinds of pirated things (pcs, mac, phones, ps2, ps3, psp, wii, xbox360, music, torrents, apps, software, movies etc.) i just love it. lol

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    dovez0 Guest
    That's what happens when you live in Capital Wasteland lol

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    BluRay Guest
    vallejo, I do agree that this law is pointless, I'm not defending It, don't get me wrong buddy. I don't support piracy (I do pirate sometimes though, as I've mentioned before) and I believe there is no argument that can justify It, all I'm doing here is saying games are not as expensive as they seem to be.

    CoD was just an example, that applies for everything. You WON'T triple sales just because you're selling It 3 times cheaper. In a hipothetical situation were that actually happens, even so, It would still give Sony less profit.

    U3 100k Sales $60 = Y profit, X manufacture cost (Blu Disc, manual, game case, etc).
    U3 300k Sales $20 = Y profit, 3X manufacture cost.

    The odds are, If the launch price dropped from $60 to $20, the sales would go up by 20% tops, increasing the manufacture cost, yet giving a lot less profit then If it was $60. I understand your argument, cheaper prices would indeed attract more people, but not enough for It to give as much profit as before.

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    vallejo18 Guest
    I see where you are going, and I agree. My only thing is that why not actually benefit the players as well as the corporations instead of the present result. Greed is what this Law is about, not safety or protection. This (plan stated before) could've been their standpoint in order to reduce the rate of piracy, correction if i said "stop."

    Although I do not agree with the current price for games "reasonable" in any country, I'm not too willing to let "things happen." So that corporations who are not really "people" to profit from the common folks for a game and then limit their uses to an extreme. Basically, $300 for a PS3 you can 'borrow'.

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