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    NTA Guest
    Move to canada. They have free healthcare.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i say just put all files onto torrents and have people personally host them instead of having a site host it. then, the site can't get in trouble, it's like any other tracker. you just gotta put up a warning saying the files belong to the people and the site is not responsible for what you download. done and done.

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    juanpaco1 Guest
    Canada's free healthcare is awesome if you like to pay a buttload in taxes. Nothing in life is free

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    elser1 Guest
    move to australia then.. live on the pension $800 for night free healthcare free best place in the world to live and hot chicks everywhere. LOL back on topic you should be able to do whatever you want with anything you own. i can put a ford motor in a chev car if i want etc. its this world, its bloody going crazy i tells ya.. nothin wrong with me haha

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    rianchio23 Guest
    If they are so worried about "piracy" hurting further game developments why not recognize like it was done before how gamestops hurt developers by selling used games and keeping the $ in gamestops pockets. Developers only make $ off new copies sold.

    I remember a few years ago there being a statement on exophase stating this. I used to be a store manager at gamestop and quit after seeing how shady that company is... they put game stores out of business that sold only new copies lol

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    StanSmith Guest
    What happened with the PS2 and modchips? Its the same just these days its software not hardware. And since when did Sony own what you paid for? Its MY CONSOLE and I will do what I like with it and NOBODY will tell me any different.

    If they think they own it still then they can come around with a full refund for they can take it. Be my guest but as long as I paid for it its MINE and I will jailbreak it if I want.

    Its the same for my iPad. Nobody is going to tell me I cant jailbreak that either. I paid for it, I will do what I want with it.

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    StanSmith Guest
    Thats why I sort of Love Australia till the red head took over and F!'ed it up for us. Yea, its hard not to walk around here and not see a hot chick, expecially with todays weather

    It all comes down to America being the fun police. If its fun and people are enjoying it then they want to make money from it or ban it, even if its free they still want to make money.

    Its like the music industry. They are fining people millions of dollars for a song that can cost $0.99 in iTunes. How about just force them to buy it. Oh, no that will make them no money so sue them for millions over a $0.99 song.

    "America, if you cant make money from it shoot it."

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    jrccomputer Guest
    The US Government is So Inconsistent they ruled that it is legal to jailbreak an iPhone or iPod Touch but, it is not legal to jailbreak a PS3. They also said It is legal to make "backups" on xbox 360.

  9. #19
    Rand023 Guest
    the only way it can be illegal is if you use PSN cause they own that server. i dont see how you cant mod/jailbreak some thing you own. then again you have only certain size sodas you can buy in NY now and the good ole Vegetable Monster!

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    StanSmith Guest
    They always go on about Piracy. Is Piracy really that big on consoles? On iPhones the last I heard there are only 10%-15% of users that jailbreak their iPhones.

    I heard the same for the PSP and PS3. There are supposed to be only a small amount of jailbreakers on all platforms so why make a big deal about it?

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