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  1. #11
    kyyylekey Guest
    Haha, man this is awesome.

  2. #12
    thebomb5 Guest
    I swear as long as I live I will continue to buy LG products... My LG HDTV is only 1 year old, but you know what since LG has done such an awesome job in this epically awesome epic lawsuit against Sony , I just might go buy another. Vote LG President For 2012!

  3. #13
    dyceast Guest
    I may have read this wrong, but isn't this bad for all of us really? If this can be done for Europe, cant this be done all over the world eventually?

    Which will = No PS3 at all? And then if this is also 1 problem, then the ps4 (If ever made) will most probably have NO Blue-Ray drive?

    Which in the end? Works out bad for both us (customer) and sony?

  4. #14
    I'm suddenly so glad I bought an LG television. I'm just worried Sony will go into extreme measures to sell their products somewhere else to make up for the profit loss they will have in europe.

  5. #15
    Wootzy Guest
    ROFL. This just isn't Sony's year. Hacks, leaks, confiscations, legal battles. I'd feel bad for them if I didn't believe that Sony deserves to have it's feathers ruffled. The whole company is just filled to the brim with douchebags.

  6. #16
    elser1 Guest
    geohots uncle works for lg... LOL.

  7. #17
    pig098 Guest
    Lol... i find if funny you guys are happy about this and looting for LG.. kinda retarded dont you think??

    so you have a PS3. i doubt this will happen, but let just say LG wins and PS3 is banned.

    Guess what happens to future games?? yea.. some members lack brain power to think that far...

  8. #18
    swatpup32 Guest
    I highly doubt this will be the end of ps3 production. Worst cases is probably a multi-million dollar settlement in LG's favor. Basically past and future royalties.

  9. #19
    Wootzy Guest
    It's not like this has enough potential to END Sony. It'll survive, it always does. Nintendo and Microsoft will continue to deliver anyways. And it already delayed PS4 so who cares. We have our hacked PS3's and a huge ass library of great games so who cares what happens to them right now?

  10. #20
    FireLion Guest
    It's irony, not karma like most people are saying. That's why people are rooting for LG; it's the principle. Sony tried to extort over a million dollars from an average joe named graf. That's straight up bullying. He's not doing anything for piracy either. If anything, they should hire the guy to code 24/7 in a secret location and use his knowledge for security of the PS4.

    Sony's just not thinking properly about anything. The whole way they're going about piracy is just stupid and they refuse to capitalize on pirates in the smartest way. They're stuck on old-gen business strategies. And all of the money they're spending on suing people and not developing the damn XMB is laughable.

    The web browser STILL sucks and their own website does not function properly on it... Nothing new has really been done to the XMB or GameOS in a while now.

    I don't get why people are mad at LG for doing what they're doing. It wasn't wrong in their eyes when Sony was the one doing it.

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