The latest issue of Japanese publication Weekly Famitsu featured an interview with Level 5 president Akihiro Hino. The company's latest project White Knight Story for the PS3 is a fantasy-themed game where the protagonist must rescue the kidnapped princess. As you complete quests in each area, you begin to unlock other areas and eventually players will be able to explore the entire world map.

During the recent PlayStation Premiere 2007 event, a new battle scene was shown between a group of large enemy creatures and the White Knight, as well as regular-sized human characters well. Hino says, "In order to show the differences in size, it was important to place both large and small characters. The White Knight was originally set to be 15 meters tall. But then, it would not fit on screen if we put the small characters, so we settled for 7 meters in the final game which just fit in perfectly."

Hino mentioned that other than the rival Black Knight, there will be other types of Knights as well. He also described another scene from the same trailer, "There is a scene showing a city that's on the back of a giant creature. There are also giant insect-like creatures that are over 2 kilometers. We wanted to show the vast scale of this game."

Players can also customize their character's appearance. Faces such as those of Japanese celebrities were used as an example to show how much detail the face of the character can be changed.

The trailer from the recent PlayStation Premiere 2007 event and more importantly, a playable demo will be featured at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September.

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