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    Starlight Guest

    The Latest on Quantic’s Heavy Rain

    Not much is known about Quantic Dream's latest project, entitled Heavy Rain. All the info thats been released on it thus far is a trailer called "The Casting” and a movie poster - neither of which are even necessarily representative of what the game will actually be.

    While details on the actual game are fuzzy, Quantic Dream has been more liberal when talking about the technical aspects behind the game. In all of their previous projects, Quantic Dream has aimed at achieving a theatrical experience that could compete at the same level as a Hollywood production. They have always put strong emphasis on using motion capturing technology , which they believe delivers the best sense of realism. Over the years, they went from working with outsourcing studios to developing a specialized in house motion capturing system. With Heavy Rain, they've further upgraded their motion capturing system, able to capture even small facial movements.

    What this means is that Quantic Dream has moved beyond just needing motion capture actors - they need real actors, people capable of delivering a Hollywood quality performance. Thus, Quantic Dream has been in contact with several A ranked actors, most notably Leonardo Di Caprio. Heavy Rain could very well set the bar for theatrical performances in video games.

    As is the case with just about every PS3 exclusive game, many are wondering why QD has chosen to remain with the PS3 exclusively. Outside of the fact that Sony is publishing the game, there are a few other reasons. One of the main factors seems to be that the Cell processor is extremely good at the number crunching mathematics used by the physics system of the game. Guillaume de Fondaumi?, co-founder of QD, also mentioned in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz "it's extremely difficult to create games of the same visual quality on both platforms[360 and PS3]. Even from an economical standpoint, if you really want to give the best shot on both platforms you have to invest far more money than just spending the money on the one platform. Or you have simple ports, which are of less quality”.

    As for details in regards of the game itself - its expected to have a noire atmosphere, and will also not have any of the criticized sci-fi elements of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy. Beyond that, details are slim. Quantic has stated they are working on something playable, so the possibility of demo is there, but they maintain that its up to Sony.

    Heavy Rain is due out sometime in 2008, although its doubtful this deadline will be made. Surfer Girl told us that Heavy Rain is "shaping up to be nothing short of astounding”, and from what we know, we are with her. As big fans of both Omikron and Fahrenheit/Indigo, we are heavily anticipating this title, and hopefully we will have some more information soon! More...

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    moose1981 Guest
    Omg! I am super excited to hear about a new game from QD! I loved Indigo Prophecy. Definitely an experience I'll never forget. Sorry, you can't play it on the PS3, it freezes about halfway.

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