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    Welcome to The PlayStation® Home Service Beta 0.7.3 patch release. Within you will find many changes that have resulted directly from the feedback we've been getting from you, our beta testers, together with additions we've been wanting to make ourselves. The arrival of many new clothing and character customisation changes means your avatar can now be personalised far more than ever before. We've had a lot of fun with this ourselves, see what you can create. Another major new addition to Home is the Home Square, our first outdoor space and one which we think you will really like.

    Again, we would emphasise that this build of Home does not represent our eventual goal for the service; but is part of a phased test and refinement of key elements. That said, we think you will notice the improvements.

    Lastly you will quickly notice that all saved data has gone, so you will have to rebuild your avatar. Sorry! Its also worth mentioning that this will happen again with the next patch which will follow within the next few weeks.

    We know deleting your avatars (and our own too!) is a bad thing and we aim to eliminate this annoyance completely. Just try to remember its a beta!

    See you inside!

    New Features

    Telephone calls.
    - Voice chat privately with anyone on your friend's list anywhere within Home.

    New "Home Safe Screen" on SELECT with 3 menu options
    - Communication Settings: Here you can enable and disable Voice and Text chat.
    - Block Users: Remove unwanted users from your experience by blocking their communications. This also adds them to your PLAYSTATION®3 Block List.
    - System Friends List: Access your PLAYSTATION®3 friend's list.

    Download locations on demand
    - Rather than downloading the entire game in one go we have now broken it into sections. Therefore the first time you visit a new location it will be downloaded. This enables residents to get into Home more quickly when they first start.


    Home Square
    - This is a new location replacing Central Lounge. Having listened to feedback from our testers we believe this will be a more natural, open and enjoyable space to hang out.
    - Includes games of chess and draughts.

    Games Room
    - New look for this location.
    - Improvements to bowling and pool.

    Home space
    - New exterior. Intended to fit with the idea of what is outside the walls of the new Home Square. Home should now feel more logically laid out for residents.


    * There have been many improvements to stability, particularly when moving between two locations or exiting from Home. Thanks to all the feedback from Beta Testers in identifying these issues.
    * The camera that is triggered when a character sits down has been changed; it should be similar to the standard game camera now and feel far more natural.
    * There have been some updates and clarifications of the phrases available in world chat.
    * More ambient and spot sound effects have been added.
    * - For example, find the waterfall in Home Square and be soothed by the running water! See what others you can find. Again, these have been added following testers feedback about silence in some areas.


    * New clothing has been added. This includes reintroducing some items that were removed in the last service update. More variety and opportunity to be different!
    * There have been changes to the graphics of most items of clothing. You should find many items looking much better now.
    * Characters will now pose and admire what they are wearing as it is selected in the Character Clothing menu. It’s a much nicer experience to dress yourself up.

    Character customisation

    * There have been changes to the graphics in many areas in character customisation.
    * You can rotate the character during customisation with L1 and R1.
    * Many of the character customisation options have been reorganised to make things easier to find.
    * There have been updates to "Change Ethnicity" which now includes several defaults.
    * Body Shape now has height and a full range of body sizes. Another feature request from the beta testers.
    * There is an option to change eye colour. Another requested feature.
    * Male characters can now have facial hair.
    * Female characters can wear makeup.


    * We've updated the furniture rotation controls to match character customisation.
    * Furniture can now be placed more accurately. Items can now be placed reliably without them bouncing a little out of line or falling over

    User Interface

    * There are new, larger, clearer icons and text on the PSP.
    * We've reorganised some of the menus on the PSP to make things more logical.
    * There is a new "Communication" option under the "Settings" menu to enable or disable voice and text chat.
    * Also there is a new option to invert X and Y camera axis under "Controls" in the "Settings" menu on the PSP.
    * The system virtual keyboard now replaces any Home specific versions.
    * Cleaned up the overlap of some menus.
    * Adjusted the way the interaction option appears when facing other players. This will make it less intrusive in a crowd.


    * There have been some changes and additions to the emotes.
    * Appropriate facial animation now occurs on all characters when using different emotes
    * Animations will now blend with one another (allowing you to use and combine emotes in different situations). Try Dancing and cheering at the same time! What combinations work well? See what you can discover.
    * There are some new idle animations. When your character is standing still it will occasionally do a random animation.
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