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Thread: Latest Game Updates: What Are They?

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    Latest Game Updates: What Are They?

    Typically, we'd like to believe an "update" is a good thing. But when the reasons for the update and what that update actually does remain a mystery, we start to get a little concerned. Perhaps you didn't notice, but more than a few PS3 titles got recent and very unexpected updates...and some users are wondering what actually changed, and if it could potentially hurt the system.

    Some updates are more public than others (most are aware of update 1.01 for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, designed to fix slowdown issues). But a few, like updates for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Heavenly Sword, pop up out of nowhere and request that you download the mysterious patch. The previous two updates were 18MB in size and we haven't yet concluded what has been fixed and/or changed in either game, but they must've been issued for a reason, correct? Normally, updates can't possibly hurt the machine, but one game that needs another of these un-detailed 18MB updates is Time Crisis 4. Now, according to several new reports, including one user at Siliconera, this has resulted in the PlayStation 3 not being able to recognize any discs.

    Whether or not you have the latest firmware update seems irrelevant; these games need a 18MB update, and we don't know why. Furthermore, we're a little worried about these scattered reports of potentially bricked systems due to the download. Perhaps Sony can clear things up for us after New Year's, but for now, let's just hope any console issues associated with the updates are either isolated problems or unrelated.

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    If i understand it right, the files are all the same size, right? Do you think Sony found a potential exploit in the said games, that we haven't found yet, and tries to close it. Like some code every of these games uses or sends to the Hypervisor. Dont know much about coding and Stuff but if Sony rlses it even at risk of bricking some systems, they must have thought its an update that should be done fast, therefore i think these games all have the same bug. If somehow the update could be decrypted, and found out what exactly it changes in the game, perhaps we can get one step Closer to "Hello World" on PS3.

    Like i said, just an idea, i cant realise it tough because i dont have the know-how.

    Greetz need

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