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Thread: The Last Guy Gets PS3 Trophies Tomorrow, Add-On Next Month

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    The Last Guy Gets PS3 Trophies Tomorrow, Add-On Next Month

    U.S. Producer Josh Miller has revealed that The Last Guy will be getting PS3 Trophies tomorrow, with an add-on coming next month.

    To quote: I'm happy to announce that tomorrow the game will receive a free update that adds Trophies to the game. I'm excited since it gives me a reason to play through the game again.

    If you haven't heard of The Last Guy, the game came out last summer, preceded by an "interesting" developer diary video. It's a classic and addictive "line" game with simple controls that uses satellite maps of real cities around the world, including San Francisco, Tokyo, and Sydney, as its levels.

    Here's a trailer to get an idea of what the game is about and what the visuals look like.

    [viddler id=6b3b0231&w=437&h=288]

    You play a hero who rescues people hiding out in buildings and leads them to the safety zone for evacuation while avoiding zombie monsters that roam the streets. The bigger the line, the bigger the bonus. But bigger lines also make it harder to avoid monsters, who make people scatter when they get close.

    You can use thermo vision to see where people are hiding, and pick up power-ups scattered throughout the levels to stop time, fill up your energy meter and more. The game is available now for $9.99 on the PS Store, and there's even a demo if you want to try it out before you buy it.

    There will be 15 Trophies in all to reward you for getting good ratings on stages, rescuing VIPs, getting lots of fireworks and more. The Trophies are not retro-active, meaning they won't be unlocked automatically when the update is installed. You'll need to play the game again to unlock them.

    I also am pleased to announce an add-on coming for The Last Guy next month. It will add 3 bonus stages to the game, which are unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in the main game. The add-on also includes 8 additional Trophies to help you rank up your Trophy level.

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    trophies are ok, but i buyed that game and its... mmmm... so insanely hard, the mosntser moves are random, so you need a lot of luck, like the level with the gigantic monster, if he barks or talk or scream what ever you lost your people and they get inside some buildings and you have to recapture them and the scream of the monster never stops.

    the game was a good idea, the trophies too, but the gameplay is ridiculous hard so... bad game anyway only for nerds or hardcore gamers that likes to waste their time for endless hours.

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