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Thread: Lair patch now available in Europe for PS3

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    Lair patch now available in Europe for PS3

    According to reports, a 150MB Lair patch is now available to download bringing analog flight controls to the game, a targeting icon and Dual Shock 3 rumble support.

    It apparently is only currently available in Europe.

    To quote: It's true, we didn't like Lair but that doesn't mean that we're not excited about the analog patch (calling itself 2.10) which is up now for download, and weighs in at 150-ish MB.

    Update: wow, that was fast. Cool, Lair now has 'analog flight controls' and crosshairs in the options menu. Note that this appears to just be for European versions of the game at the moment.

    Update 2: this is much better. Much. Might be time to re-review the game. Note that dash and u-turn are now mapped to the d-pad, too.

    [imglink=|Lair patch now available in Europe for PS3][/imglink]

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    raze88 Guest
    Ok we get a patch that makes use of the DS3 but we don't get the DS3?

    WTF is Sony thinking?

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