Lab Zero Games CEO Peter Bartholow announced that Skullgirls color DLC are incoming today complete with some new characters as outlined below.

To quote: Since Skullgirls was released last year, our fans have loved the flexibility our powerful 3D engine provides us when it comes to character color palettes and have been clamoring for more. So we're happy to announce that after a long wait, Skullgirls will finally be getting DLC character color packs today!

Each character color pack is $1 and contains four new color palettes. We're also offering a bundle of all 8 color packs, which can be purchased for the discounted price of $5.

So, let's take a look at the character packs - chances are some of these new color schemes will seem awfully familiar, as we created them with extensive fan feedback.

• Filia
• Cerebella
• Peacock
• Parasoul
• Ms. Fortune
• Painwheel
• Valentine
• Double
• Bonus Colors

As an added bonus, we've included a 5th, bonus color free if you buy the bundle!

So there you have it - tons of colorful new ways to customize your team for online play, for just $1 per character.

In other Skullgirls news, Lab Zero is still busy working on the content funded by our hugely successful Indiegogo campaign. Squigly, the first DLC character, is on-track for her free PSN debut this summer.

Recently our fans voted and selected the third DLC character that will be released free to everyone, the Egyptian-themed lounge singer, Eliza!

Eliza is a powerful fighter in her own right, but her true power lies in her blood control abilities: every time she receives damage she'll leave little pools of blood on the ground, which she can then command to attack her opponents.

Later this week, we'll complete a second fan vote for the fourth free DLC character! Also, take a look at this concept for a new stage coming to the game.

This stage takes place atop New Meridian's rooftops, and will feature prominently in Squigly's story mode. And, of course, this stage will also feature a soaring new track by Michiru Yamane!

Finally, we'll be holding a Skullgirls tourament at EVO 2013 in Las Vegas this year! The prize pool starts at $2000, and all entry fees will be added to the pool. We've started taking pre-registrations online, so if you plan on attending, be sure to sign up!

With the successful Japanese PSN release, new colors, lots of free new content coming over the near year and the Evo 2013 tournament, Skullgirls has a lot of momentum right now! If you haven't already picked the game up, be sure to check out the demo!

[imglink=|Lab Zero Games: Skullgirls Color DLC Today, New Characters Coming][/imglink]
[imglink=|Lab Zero Games: Skullgirls Color DLC Today, New Characters Coming][/imglink]
[imglink=|Lab Zero Games: Skullgirls Color DLC Today, New Characters Coming][/imglink]
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