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    Konami's Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Infests PSN Today

    Konami Associate Brand Manager Pearl Lu has announced that Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone infests PSN today with details below.

    To quote: I wanted to let you know that Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone will be available on PSN later today! Now for those of you who played the first Zombie Apocalypse (released in 2009) welcome back to Konami's take on the world of the undead.

    For those of you who are new to this whole experience, I'm here to give you a few brief and yet thoroughly engrossing (emphasis on "gross") tips about a world that's near and dear to my heart.

    At its core, the game is an overhead twin stick shooter which places a focus on more of a fast-paced arcade type feel. You'll deal with thousands of zombies throughout the game, all of which are trying their absolute hardest to eat your brain and steal your soul.

    That's the bad news. Your job is to use every arsenal at your disposal to fend off the zombie wave and get the hell off this godforsaken Canadian island.

    Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone was developed by our good friends at Backbone Entertainment. Believe me when I say, Backbone and I are proud of the work we've done on this little game so please do me a favor and check it out. When you finally get your hot little hands on the game, here are a few tips and tricks to keep you alive and well.

    Fools Rush In!

    Do not play this game as if you were playing the very first Zombie Apocalypse! Meaning - don't think you're going to survive solely on blasting zombies left and right. What's worse, if you try and rush through the traversal levels you're gonna get pwned! That said, take your time. Use some strategery. Make sure to use your secondary weapons as often as possible.

    However, my recommendation is that you try and keep some of your Pwnage Powers handy until you're in a jam. ESPECIALLY, Father Bill's. Keeping Father Bill's Pwnage Power handy at all times will definitely mean the different between beating the level and seeing the "reload the level" screen. Sorry people. No mid-level save points here!

    Don't Get Too Fond of Jeremy

    Most players will probably try and focus on Jeremy due to the fact that he carries around a fast shooting Sub Machine gun. But ignore your other characters for too long and your skills will absolutely, positively not improve. This will, of course, make the game tougher than it really needs to be.

    The ONLY way to upgrade any of your characters abilities is to use them and use their abilities. Keep in mind that someone like Alma may not seem as powerful at first (due to her slow shooting Sniper Rifle) but upgrade her skills and you can take out multiple zombies with just one shot making her a bit of a heavyweight out there!

    Konami Code

    Will you get a bit of an advantage if you use the Konami Code somewhere in the game? Hm... maybe!

    A final thought... be on the lookout for Downloadable Content (Pure Pwnage pack!) coming sometime in mid-to-late November. You'll get a chance to play as the missing character, FPS Doug, and possibly be reacquainted with some old Zombie Apocalypse friends.

    Enjoy the game when it hits PSN later today for $9.99.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Looks like an awesome game, I've always loved games like these (Burn Zombie Burn, Dead ops arcade, Smash TV and etc.) but I think this might be the best yet. Good thing Duplex fixed this game for 3.55 CFW users. (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-cf...tml#post391416)

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    Natepig Guest
    This game will be great if its anything like the first and judging by the pics it is. I'm going to wait and try to get to day 20 in the first before we give this a try though.

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    mod632 Guest
    yep just got the game.

    its much better then first game but even so its was great.

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