Konami has issued a formal apology on its official Web site in response to the unplanned downtime of its Metal Gear Online servers, following the release of the Gene Expansion pack earlier last week. A statement on the site reads:

We regret to inform that the release of the Expansion Pack "METAL GEAR ONLINE EXPANSION" on 17th July 2008 was marred by major system related problems resulting in great inconveniences for all our customers.

We have been taking numerous correct measures since problems initially started, but unfortunately there are no permanent solutions we can announce at this present moment.

As reported earlier last week, Konami placed a temporary IP restriction on the MGO Shop -- still in effect -- in order to combat the high server load. The latest round of status updates reveals that the billing system has been given an overhaul and the purchase records of 490 customers, who were mistakenly overcharged due to server-side errors, have been corrected.

Meanwhile, the MGO Reward Shop is still closed and Konami has not provided at set date as to when it will reopen.

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