January 11, 2007 - Earlier reports of a massive wave of cancellations over at Konami's next generation game farm were, it seems, erroneous. Next generation Gradius and new generation New Action Adventure Game 2 live!

For those wondering what in the world of mistaken triologies is going on, IGN reported on Wednesday that the following Konami titles had been cancelled:

Gradius Series (PS3)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball (PS3)
New Action Game (PS3)
New Role Playing Game (PS3)
New Action Adventure Game 2 (Wii)
Role Playing Game (Wii)

This report was based on a release list in the latest issue of Japan's largest games magazine, Famitsu.

Today, Famitsu issued a correction via its Famitsu.com website noting that the games have not been cancelled, but instead have a TBA release date, just as they always have.

For the record, because we're sure you're wondering, there is a "New Action Adventure Game 1" in development for the Wii. We expect it to precede the release of New Action Adventure Game 2, although it too has a TBA date.

Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!