Konami is working to iron out severe lag PS3 owners are currently experiencing with PES 2008.

An online notification displayed when gamers enter the PES 2008 lobby revealed that the publisher has uncovered "issues which can affect the online gameplay quality of PES 2008" and is working "full strength to find a solution as quickly as possible".

At the time of writing PS3 PES 2008 is practically unplayable online, with the ball pinging about uncontrollably and players randomly disappearing and reappearing.

Konami is already suffering criticism from gamers who say the PS3 version of the game suffers from frame rate issues and slowdown. You can see why we gave the game seven out of 10 in our review here. You can also see our exclusive gameplay footage here.

In further online notifications, Konami has revealed that between 25 October and 1 November there will be daily maintenance between 08.00 - 09.00 (BST), during which time online play will be shut down. This is in addition to ongoing regular maintenance every Monday between 07.00 - 08.00 (BST).

Here's Konami's notification in full: "Konami Digital Entertainment has uncovered issues which can affect the online gameplay?(sic) quality of PES 2008 on PLAYSTATION 3. We?(sic) are working at full strength to find a solution as quickly as possible. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience. Further announcements will be made as soon as we have additional details."

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