Remember when the legendary Hideo Kojima said Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will be the last? Fear not, because spirits will live on after Solid Snake's last mission. In an interview with Dutch gaming website Gamert, Kojima confirmed that more MGS games are coming.

When asked if it was difficult to say goodbye to the franchise, Kojima replied:

No, actually not. I believe the MGS range will continue. Just like the James Bond franchise. This is a job for my new staff and they may use the MGS for a new franchise however they like. I won't be a part of this according the details, but will only be the producer. The only sad thing is to say goodbye to Solid Snake, because I created that character.

More Metal Gear Solid games without Kojima touching development and only playing the producer's role? Not something we haven't heard before, but here's to hoping the epic story of Snake will be in its full glory under the hands of new developers. Besides, plot twists and Kojima are almost synonymous; it won't be surprising if he rolls his sleeves back up after MGS4 if fans ask for it.