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Thread: Kojima: MGS4 is "Theoretically Impossible"

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    Kojima: MGS4 is "Theoretically Impossible"

    Following widely publicized complaints that the Blu-Ray format has limited development of Metal Gear Solid 4, the game's director, Hideo Kojima, took a moment to clarify his statement.

    "It is not a criticism of the Blu-Ray format, but rather of the universe itself."

    According to Kojima, it is theoretically impossible to create a game as ambitious as Metal Gear Solid 4. Given recent findings in quantum physics, computer science, and information, there is simply not enough space, time, or matter in the known Universe to convey his exact ambitions for Metal Gear Solid 4.

    "Truly, it is a rather large game," he explains.

    As to what exactly would be in the game, Kojima is cagey, although rumor has it that he had to cut a significant portion of the planned game that focused on Matthew McConaughey, known Kojima love interest. This is due to a reputed set of restraining orders the actor had to take out against the game developer in various countries.

    Regardless of content that will be left out of the game, theologians and religious figures are interested in speaking to Kojima, on the basis that if he can think of the content of a game that cannot be contained in a single universe, the mind would no longer be a physical manifestation of biology, proving amongst other things: the existence of souls and a proof for God.

    While as of this moment, a proper definitive version of Metal Gear Solid 4 is impossible, Kojima holds out hope for a fully realized Metal Gear Solid 5, where he hopes to explore the information carrying properties of Dark Matter and the expanding field of extra-dimensional space.

    Among cuts made to the game was Snake's second eye patch.

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    dreep Guest
    Wow. that sucks. i was looking foward to it.

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    DIMERR Guest
    Kolima always makes comments like these in order to promote his upcoming game!

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    inthezoneac Guest
    Anyone could say this about any game worth playing.

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    Nevertheless, it's an ingenious game.

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