Gameshastra Creative Director and Producer Vijay Ragahavan announced today that Kite Fight takes to the skies on PlayStation 3 next week.

To quote: Reliving your childhood experiences can become quite cumbersome at times, what with all those pesky troubles and annoyances adulthood has to offer. You can hardly find the time to indulge in, say, for instance - some kite flying. Sounds like a bit of work doesn't it?

But there's an easy way out. On 29th May, we'll be releasing Kite Fight. Developed here at Gameshastra - host to titles like Dare to Fly, Don 2 and many others - it brings you the ultimate casual experience on PlayStation Move. So why don't you kick back, ease into that comfy chair, arm yourself with a Move controller and get ready to fly a kite!

Priced at €4.99/3.99, Kite Fight was developed to introduce today's gamers to the fine art of flying kites. A sport that was only recognised and played in festivals is now being bought to the world.

Kite Fight simulates kite flying using simple gestures and movements aided by the Move controller. Fly kites around the world and partake in the championships for the ultimate title of Kite Maestro!

Fly kites in serene locations and soothing atmosphere like the evergreen parks of Paris, pristine blue waters of the Caribbean, sun kissed beaches of Cape Town and many more.

Engage in mid-air kite combat with special cutting techniques performed by exclusive gestures. Choose from a variety of kites and patterns, and then customise them. Earn and use unique power-ups to creatively destroy your opponents or save yourself from their wrath!

Experience the thrills of multiplayer by challenging your friends and family to a friendly kite duel. Take on some extreme kite flying in Survival mode, and compare your highscores with your friends.

Watch and play as a soothing Zen experience transcends into a battle of the nerves as the game puts your kite flying skills to the test.

[imglink=|Kite Fight Takes to the Skies on PlayStation 3 Next Week][/imglink]
[imglink=|Kite Fight Takes to the Skies on PlayStation 3 Next Week][/imglink]
[imglink=|Kite Fight Takes to the Skies on PlayStation 3 Next Week][/imglink]
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