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    Killzone 3 PS3 Leaks to Torrent Sites Two Weeks Before Release

    This weekend numerous sites are reporting that Killzone 3 for PS3 has already leaked to torrent and tracker sites weeks before the official release date.

    According to reports, the European version of Killzone 3 (BCES01007) has hit sites like BlackCats-Games and weighs in at 41.40GB in size under the label Killzone.3.EUR.PS3-MIRSUPER with another version coming without 3D dubbed Killzone.3.EU.JB.PS3-MrBLACK weighing in at 22.3GB.

    Killzone 3 is officially scheduled to hit PlayStation 3 consoles on February 22 in North America, February 23 in Europe and February 25, 2011 in the UK.

    To quote: 15 days before the release, Killzone 3 appeared on the tracker not only the country but also around the world. Sony suffers first serious leak, the fans are, and leaders of the wholesale stores is crying and crying.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Cruzer1234 Guest

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    fabian9907 Guest
    I already pre-ordered it...so oh well.

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    bigwillyz21 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cruzer1234 View Post
    Agreed, money grubbers. Not the great companies that make the games but Sony who is very quickly destroying it's fan base, me included having been a fan since before the PS1 when they were in talks of making a CD add-on to the SNES if that gives you a clue to how long.

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    Komi77 Guest
    Amazing backups roles..

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    Hope to see the Non-3D soon! I don't have Move nor do I have a 3D TV, but so awesome to see this 2 weeks before release date!

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    ssj33goku Guest
    Wow... that's fast, can't wait to get my hands on it!

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    Yeaiflex Guest
    Sweet... first MVC3 Now Kill Zone 3.

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    DJTommy812 Guest
    already! I have this pre-ordered so the wait is worth it. JETPACK!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Seems like it was leaked in Russia, according to headers "Znay vraga v litso". It's awesome, how most of the leaks surface in this country for few weeks before release dates!

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