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Thread: Killzone 3 PS3 Leaks to Torrent Sites Two Weeks Before Release

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Where are the jealous weasels/quality-haters now with their "games shouldn't be on PCs due to piracy" and other stupid one liners?

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    Jes03 Guest
    LOL. There will always be piracy no matter what they do.

    And the more they advertise that someone has leaked it early the more people will look for it then it will spread like wildfire and there now is no stopping it.

    Give it a few hours and it'll be on just about all torrent sites that have ps3 games.

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    DJTommy812 Guest
    it seems like its going to be an internal game with a psarc file of 9.01gb the guy said the param.sfo states it is a 3.55 game

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    modmate Guest
    You won't need a 3d tv or Move to play it. Its just possible with this version. I guess the smaller release will be up tonight or tommorow.


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    BakaEcchi Guest
    Is it possible to play the 3D-Version without 3D-TV but with Move?

    The only difference is that the non-3D is smaller, because the 3D files arent there anymore but it has Move support, right?

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    Briks49 Guest
    Haha, have the game since 3 days on my internal HDD.. German video librarys are still the best

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    syphonlord Guest


    And i had it 4 months ago lol

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    modmate Guest
    Some useful information about the releases:

    -Works on CFW Waninkoko v2 with Multiman v1.15.04.
    -3D doesn't work (freeze on menu)
    -Slower loading time than BR (a lot slower) Actually it's so slow, you need to pause the game when a cinematic occurs so the game can load and the movie doesn't stutter.
    -The language is MULTI21
    -Contains censored cinematics on a folder called TABOO, so it's easy to uncensor, just swap the movie files from the uncensored one.
    -As 3D doesn't work, we can rip off 3D movies contained into STEREO folders (and TABOO folder when we are it). That leaves the game weight at about 23Gb.
    -Audio is sometimes glitchy (stutter, loop, mute)
    -The leak came from Press Release.

    Greets Modmate

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    Mbb Guest
    Watch out people, getting trophys before the release date and going online afterwards may not be the best idea, change your ps3 system date before playing (!)

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    moja Guest
    Shh, you're removing fodder for the inevitable 'Why am I banned from PSN?' thread!

    Just kidding, sort of.

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