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    savov Guest

    Killzone 2 Public BETA Test in October

    Its been confirmed that the public beta will be open in October this year on PlayStation Network. The six classes available in the beta are:

    * Rifleman: The default troop type. Starts wsith a variety of primary and secondary wepaons that include grenades. Bigger guns are unlockable as you progress up the ranks.
    * Engineer: Allowed to set up automated turrets as primary ability. Can repair ammunition dumps, mounted guns and turrets damaged from weapons fire.
    * Medic: Can revive teammates who have been shot down if they are reached in time. Can throw health packs which can be collected by other players.
    * Assault Trooper: The Heavy Weapons class. Has thick armor thus they can take twice as much damage. Has a speedboost as their secondary ability.
    * Tactician: The Captain of the group. Allowed to drop colored smoke grenades which serve as spawn points for his team. Can prove essential on the bigger Beta test maps as it can allow for a steady flow of friendly troops to the frontline. Can also call in air support (a sentry bot that flies low to tears into the enemy from above).
    * Saboteur: Can assume the look of your opponents in order to infiltrate their camps. Can use sticky proximity-activated C4 charges. Making them lethal as they can throw these into enemy spawn-points once they’ve assumed their identity!

    And the first screenshot of the cloak suit from the game's multiplayer has finally been released. The cloak suit will be available for anyone who chooses the Scout class in the beta (and final game), which obviously makes them really difficult to spot in a shootout, appearing only as a visual glitch similar to the Predator's cloaking in the classic 80's movie.

    You can walk slowly through the shadows to remain almost completely undetectable, but if you move players will be able to notice you as the cloaking effect will lessen slightly.

    The secondary ability of the Scout enables them to tag all the enemies on-screen with a hidden marker, which will broadcast the coordinates for those tagged players to his teammates.

    Unlike in other games, the classes in Killzone 2 are not rigid, meaning you aren’t necessarily limited to the skills of the class you picked. Instead you are able to mix and match, taking a classes primary ability and mixing it with another secondary ability! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for submitting it... +Rep and I also left this part out before approving it live, as it seems to be an error:
    Posting on the killzone.com forums, Seb Downie (under the alias 'motherH') revealed: "Of course there is going to be a public beta...
    That appears to come from this old May 2007 article: http://www.computerandvideogames.com....php?id=164027

    Anyway, cheers savov a decent first submission!

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    savov Guest
    I was thinking about this old part of the news, too. But I decided to put it in, so the thread be as informative as possible But and now its OK

    P.S. Sorry about the first post. I think that the posted thread in the forum can be linked as News in main page

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    Apr 2005
    No prob... I just approved your second one also, but since a source link wasn't included I just Googled one (no biggie, I do this when Submitters forget a source) and added the UPDATE in too.

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    internal23 Guest

    Question Help

    how do you become a beta tester for killzone 2?

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