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    Killzone 2 PS3 Boxing Day - Killzone Extravaganza on PSN

    Today Sony's Community Team Leader MusterBuster has announced news of a hosted Killzone Extravaganza on PSN, dubbed Killzone 2 PS3 Boxing Day, as follows:

    Christmas is awesome. No doubts there! But spare a thought for our moderation team who, like mad little elves, furiously work all the way through the holiday season.

    Here's a message from community moderator Yaster to tell you all about it:

    Hello everyone out there in Blog reading land!

    I'm Yaster and I'm here to tell you about a great event we have scheduled for Boxing Day over on the Official PlayStation Community.

    In order to celebrate what has been a great year for PlayStation 3 games, We're planning a MAMMOTH session on Killzone 2!

    I'm going to be hosting an 8 and a half hour long Warzone game on Boxing Day, ideal for nursing those hangovers from the Xmas festivities or even those who've been given the game for Christmas.

    All you need to take part is to load up the Warzone on Killzone 2 between 10am and 6.30pm (GMT) on the 26th of December, find the game entitled "Boxing Day Killzone", input the password (found on our forums here) and join in with the fun!

    Oh, and I have WAY too many goodies, come along - and you might just grab them. See you on the battlefield!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    silentkiller223 Guest

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    yea you know i'll be on there, gettin first or close to it every game...

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