Tiscali.cz (linked above) has posted up a whole new variety of KillZone 2 multiplayer screenshots from E3 2008 as part of their E3 Impressions article.

A rough partial translation from the journalist reads as follows:

Maybe someone will come to a special, but the Killzone 2, I really enjoyed most of all titles, which I plan in Los Angeles to see.

Therefore, I very failure of its absence at the main press conference. Fortunately, Sony, both the FPS seeds in the form of brought, but is held behind closed doors only for the chosen few.

Originally, there had none of the Czech Republic to reach, but because I was a portion of luck for this honor of a group of European journalists.

In short, click the link above for the rest of the screenshots!

[imglink=http://www.ps4news.com/images/img_5706.jpg|Killzone 2 E3 2008 Multiplayer Screens Available!]http://www.ps4news.com/images.php?sm=1&f=img_5706.jpg&w=500&h=400[/imglink]

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