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Thread: Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend for PlayStation 3 Starts Now!

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    Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend for PlayStation 3 Starts Now!

    Guerrilla Games Producer Sebastian Downie has announced on the PlayStation Blog news that the Killzone 2 Double XP weekend starts now!

    To quote: It has been a exciting week at Guerrilla Games with the release of the third DLC map pack "Napalm & Cordite", the release of patch 1.29, the latest update to, the announcement of the "Map Pack Bundle" and the opening of "Our World" an art exhibition here in the Netherlands based around the visually creative process of making the Killzone 2 universe and those that inhabit it.

    So to celebrate all this we have decided to give back to the folks who have supported us through thick and thin since the release of Killzone 2: You. The most attractive and charismatic fans any video-game can have. (Yes, flattery won't get me anywhere) And what better way to thank ones loyal fans than with POINTS!

    This weekend from Friday at 17:30 GMT till Monday morning at 09:00, any games created will give extra XP points to let you guys rank up quicker and unlock those Badges and climb up the Leaderboard. That way you get more buck for your bang, more meat on your sandwich, more points for your prizes, more sauce on your fries, more ... okay I think you get it.

    A Win will earn you a 2.5 multiplier and a Loss will still grant you the normal multiplier for a Win: 1.5. This applies only to individual points, not Clan Valor and will be available in all regions during this time.

    We hope all those coming new to Killzone 2 and the veterans alike will take part in this celebration and make sure to keep an eye out for people with [GG] in front of their handles. We'll be rocking the new DLC this weekend too.

    [imglink=|Killzone 2 Double XP Weekend for PlayStation 3 Starts Now!][/imglink]
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    semitope Guest
    Whats the point of them doing this? I probably wouldnt play the game during the weekend just cause i want to earn my XP properly. They are just cutting the purpose of playing the game (getting XP) for some ppl short. Max out ur ranks then what?

    Clinging so much to the few who already bought the game isnt wise either. Well it is welcome, but what are they doing to get more ppl to buy it?

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    Somnambulist Guest
    ^ Wow. I guess people can find a reason to whine about anything huh?

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    semitope Guest

    It just struck me as retarded is all They ARE taking away a significant part of their game. Its akin to turning off the enemy AI in a single player campaign... you finish the game faster but what was their reason for creating the experience to begin with? They should offer something else, character colors, home items etc.

    there isn't much to praise except their attention to the fans but even then i dont think they are doing enough to sell the damn game. Just milking those who already bought it with paid for DLC.

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