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    Killzone 2 demo confirmed?

    The last we heard of a Killzone 2 demo possibly hitting the PlayStation Network was back in February. At that time, it was rumored that a demo would be released before the Halo 3 beta, thereby stealing Bungie's thunder. We hoped... and we waited.

    This just in though: in an exclusive GC 2007 dev interview with Gamereactor, the team behind Killzone 2 has hinted somewhat strongly at the possibility of a demo release.

    Gamereactor: Do you plan a demo? A demo for the game?
    Developer: I think, at this day and age, you have to have a demo.
    Gamereactor: Multiplayer? Single player?
    Developer: I can't talk about that...

    This very quick portion is found towards the end of the video interview. And though the developer neither confirmed nor denied having a demo., you can't help but think... The simple fact that he was so tight-lipped about it makes some of us assume that there's really something to be tight-lipped about.

    Of course, we'll leave it up to you how much what you want to read into the developer's words. But for the most part of the online community, common sentiment holds that, yes, a Killzone 2 demo is imminent. Some folks have even been speculating that it could roll right out prior to the actual retail release of Halo 3 (thereby still stealing some of Bungie's thunder).

    We'll be filing this under rumor for now, especially since there's no formal announcement from Guerilla Games. You can bet your bleeding eyesockets that we'll keep you posted with updates.

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    a demo of killzone2... this would be like a dream come true!!!!

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