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    Killzone 2 Demo Available at GameStop on January 5th, 2009

    There is now a date for the Killzone 2 GameStop PS3 demo- January 5th, 2009.

    Earlier this week we reported that GameStop would in fact have the demo available for pre-orders to pick up, but it was unclear when they would become available.

    On the company's official Web site, it clearly states when the demo will become available for in-store pre-orders to pick up. (Online pre-orders will have to wait almost a month longer for their code to arrive)

    "A rave card granting access to the Killzone 2 Demo will be available in stores while supplies last beginning the week of January 5. Check with your local store for more information."

    Below is a screen-grab of the Killzone 2 page!

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    How many times can a code be used ?

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    Most likely only once. All of the promo codes I have ever gotten could only be used 1 time. If they let you use the code more than once then Gamestop would loose pre-order sales.

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    Where else can you get a promo code from? I'd love to have a go on this baby. Really enjoyed the first installment.

    When is the release date for the finished game? Any ideas?

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    so no demo on the psn store ?

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    The code that you pick up from gamestop isn't active till sometime in February so it doesn't matter if you order it online. And there will still most likely be a demo on ps store you just have to wait longer. Also the code can be used 5 times but only with the same psn ID. If you pre-order the game and decide you don't like/want it you can get your money it's risk-free
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    i'm trying to buy pes2009 in gamestop store but till now i'm so far

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    i can't wait to grab mine.

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    Has anyone played the demo? Thoughts?
    I guess the question is if the nearest gamestop is 30 minutes away, is it worth it to drive there and pick the demo up?

    Also, what was the general consensus on KZ1? I played the original some, thought it was good, but ended up quitting for another game that came out (forgot what it was). Also the load times were awful =P Is it worth it to finish?

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