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    wicked insanity Guest

    Just how many PlayStation Network Registrants are there?

    In today's Sony Computer Entertainment strategy meeting, Kaz Hirai also announced thrilling info about the PLAYSTATION Network. Factoids include:

    Cumulative Number of Registrants:
    Over 9.8 million accounts worldwide

    Distributed Data Volume:
    Approx. 86 peta bytes
    (equivalent to 17 million single layer DVDs)

    Simply fascinating. But 17 million single layer DVDs? How many Blu-ray Discs is that exactly?

    Registrants: approx. 9.8 million
    Registration rate: 45 percent
    Total downloads: 170 million
    Data volume: 86 peta bytes
    Data Volume in Single layer DVD: 17 million units
    as of 2008/6/24

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    VtH Guest
    Cool, always wanted to know. i wonder why they dont just have it posted on their official playstation Web site or even the psn store as some sort of counter/ticker thing. And have things like number of ppl who signed up this month, last week, etc.

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