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    Japanese gamer rips HD DVD exclusive Transformers, runs on PS3

    According to reports, a Japanese gamer has been able to rip the HD DVD exclusive Transformers and manage to successfully get it running on the PS3 via burning it on Blu-ray.

    The steps involved to his success include the following - rip of a EVO file of the Transformers HD DVD, usage of EVOdemux to rebuild the necessary image, convert EVO file into BDMV format via TSremux and lastly burn onto BD-RE with Ulead.

    The only major limitiation to his method so far is that subtitles don't transfer over.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    That's awesome news. Exactly what I was searching for lately

    Btw, when you say "subtitles" don't transfer over ... do the Decepticons subtitles transfer over? It should be hard-subbed. e.g. it's when the Decepticons were saying "All hail Megatron" in their native language. You guys know what I'm referring to? xD

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