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    JAPAN: older PS3 models price doubled!

    Amazon Japan is selling old PS3 models at nearly double the price of the new 40 Giga.

    Meanwhile used console buyback price for the old Playstation 3 models (20/60 Giga) has more than doubled in Japanese shops: from 15.000 to 40.100 Yen for the 20 Giga Model (from this Japanese blogger).

    Actually the used price is the same price the shops charged one year ago for a new console...

    Seems that Japanese gamers value the retro compatibility with PS2 titles more interesting than Sony expected...

    JAPAN: older PS3 models price doubled!

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    Never understood why Sony didn't keep the 2 models a more expensive one with ps2 retro compatibility, people would gladdy pay $150~$250 for this.

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    All PAL PS3s only support PS2 games via software emulation, right? Yet one more reason to get a region free PS3 Test unit with the Emotion Engine

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