[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3182125[/IMGW] So David Jaffe, apparently still in a bad mood after his throwdown with Luke, thought it would be fun to liveblog a round of playtesting for his current project for the PS3, Calling All Cars. The stream-of-consciousness ranting provides some fairly endearing insight into just how protective a developer is of his work. Jaffe debates the merits of stress eating, flips out over dev kits not working properly, and just plain worries himself sick that, at the end of the session, the players won't like the game.

The blog also gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at how the tiniest detail can completely ruin a game's chances of success. Calling All Cars, when finished, will be a downloadable game, a detail that the first round of playtesters weren't told until after they were finished playing. Jaffe realizes that this is probably unwise:
Talking to Kellan and he feels we need to announce to the players at the start that this game is a downloadable title on PS Store to sell between 5 and 10 bucks...otherwise, we are getting feedback from these folks where they go in feeling they are playing a game that can- in scope- be compared to HALO 3 and GOD OF WAR 2. And when they get CALLING ALL CARS, there's a knee jerk of like: this is too small a game to pay 60 bucks for. And when you tell them AT THE END it's a download game, they get it but they've already had that negative impulse....so I think- since the way the player will experience the actual title- via a download interface and tossing 5-10 bucks into the till- we SHOULD let them know that upfront so they know what they are getting into.
Of course, not all of Jaffe's observations are quite so pithy:
1:49- Moving to split screen...man tester #5 is a freaking dolt!!! What the hell?!?! He is just driving in circles...not even playing the game...is that freaking spit drooling out of his stupid freaking mouth!?!?! Ahem,well...anyway.... :)
The man should have his own reality show. Seriously, you can't script that kinda comedy gold.

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