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    Jaffe Forming Studio with Head of Incognito

    Update: Just a little clarification for those slightly confused by this story. David Jaffe, at this very moment, is still employed by Sony. But he is very much in the process of setting up this new Utah-based studio with Scott Campbell. This new studio is said to be independent of Sony, so his role within the company is currently changing or disappearing. He will not be moving to Utah, though.

    David Jaffe is no longer a part of the internal workings at Sony Computer Entertainment America. 1UP confirmed with multiple sources that Jaffe is currently working with Incognito Entertainment head Scott Campbell on the formation of a new studio to be based out of Utah.

    When asked, SCEA would not comment on the so far unannounced change. "We have made no announcements regarding any change in David Jaffe's relationship with Sony Computer Entertainment," said a company spokesperson. Jaffe himself also has not yet responded to repeated requests for comment, since he started teasing the new studio on his personal blog.

    What happens to Incognito? The company is flying high on the positive buzz surrounding online-centric Warhawk and is unlikely to be affected by the shift. Jaffe has traveled back and forth between Incognito and his San Diego headquarters over the development of a number of Incognito-based games, including the recent PlayStation Network release Calling All Cars. Jaffe is expected to continue the relationship.

    We hope to hear more on this new studio shortly, so stay tuned.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    This is great news. I'm here in Salt Lake, so I'll see if I can find out anything.

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